Danielle and Andrea Save Quebec

10 Sep

A detailed account of the day we met Jean-Thomas Jobin.

So a few days ago my roommate Danielle Page and I did something crazy. For those of you who follow me on twitter or stay updated on the ole facebook or randomly youtube me (it’s okay—I don’t judge) you know that there is this guy named Jean-Thomas Jobin. Jean has made a number of videos about me, each getting more and more absurd. I’ve been printed out and put on a stick, and the andrea-on-a-stick has travelled many places in Quebec. I’ve even had a few hundred Canadian people proclaim that they “want to go to Starbucks with meeeee.”  If you have literally no idea what I’m talking about right now, this blog is probably not for you. Or just youtube Andrea Boehlke Poem and you can get up to speed.

After some twitter DM exchanges I learned that Jean-Thomas would be in NYC for a few days, and he asked if Danielle and I would like to meet up with him for a casual smoothie. (smoothie…latte….obla dee obla da)

Well, if you know me (adventure seeker/someone who was obsessed with hitchhiking in college) I’m never one to turn down an awkward encounter. And since Danielle was included on the latest video and has also been printed out and placed on an olive bottle, she was down for the rendezvous as well. Thus, I give you….the day we met Jean-Thomas Jobin in a Starbucks.

It was your average Nyc day. Danielle at work. Me….not. However this day was different. We were going to meet the one, the only Jean- Thomas Jobin in a Starbucks. So I set out that day at 12:40 p.m. from Astoria, with myJean-Thomas cut-out secure and sitting pretty in my bag, wedged nicely between a magazine and yoga clothes.

After finally figuring out which Starbucks we were supposed to be meeting at, Danielle and I patiently waited and sure enough, up strolls Jean-Thomas Jobin. Danielle and I took a collective breath and prepared ourselves for what we thought would be an incredibly awkward, probably creepy meeting of somebody who had (a few nights earlier) arranged our cut-outs like so:


Right? Why are we meeting this guy again? But Jean was certainly accommodating, because as you see above…I was originally laying on the cat, and Danielle quite politely requested that she be on the cat. For, she likes cats more and I have a thing for olive oil.

SO WE MEET AND GREET and I’m quite disappointed to report that the meeting was neither awkward nor creepy. In fact, it was actually really fun. Jean-Thomas Jobin is actually not a creeper after all. He’s just a comedian! (It’s not actually the same thing, contrary to what some may think.)

Because I’m getting quite bored of this paragraph style and rather lazy at this point in the day here are a few bullet points about the #jeandandre hang out:

-One of the first things that happened was that Jean-Thomas gave us a copy of the movie Dolphin Tale. This was a surprise to both me and Danielle. We get a gift!

(Duh, how cute is my roommate?!)

-I could sense that Jean-Thomas was a little surprised I actually brought his cutout to the Starbucks meeting. Maybe it even creeped him out a little. He however, did not bring the Andrea-on-a-stick or Danielle-on-an-olive-bottle because he thought it might be a tad alarming to airport security.

-We talked about how people are rude in New York, and Jean told us a story where he asked a lady for directions and she replied “I’m tired of questions” in an aggravated fashion.

-At one point we talked about how my mother googled Jean-Thomas and told me she found out he is married and that I would be safe meeting him because of that. Neither facts are true.

-We asked Jean-Thomas about his career and he asked about ours. He commented that Danielle seemed skeptical about my internship. I responded that I too, felt skeptical about my internship. (If anyone from my internship is reading this….I kid, I kid. This just helps for the story!)

-Jean told us that Quebec is in trouble and invited Danielle and I to come to Quebec and act as mediators. We agreed that could be a good activity for us.

-Jean-Thomas Jobin did not actually take a sip of his latte. He did, however get up at one point to get sugar.

-Jean-Thomas Jobin spoke to us in French, per our request. D and I basically just spoke in English.

-The photo shoot took a pretty long time. My favorite picture is definitely the one where the lady’s finger is in the way, but she told us that it was the wall.


Cute/weird, yah?

And so, the meeting of jeandandre was quite the success. Hopefully some time it will happen again, preferably in Quebec where Danielle and I will be serving as mediators. Oh, and Jean-Thomas had a great time too! He even added one more quality to Danielle’s quality count: nice. For more information on Danielle’s qualities see the video: An Open Letter to Andrea Boehlke on youtube.

Forever in our hearts. Jean-Thomas Jobin: the funny, actually not creepy man from Quebec.


Dre Dre

P.s. Jean-Thomas forgot his backpack in Starbucks. He was almost a full block away before he realized he left it, and scurried back.


2 Responses to “Danielle and Andrea Save Quebec”

  1. Seb September 11, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

    Jean-Thomas is known in Quebec to be one of the biggest Survivor’s fan. Looks like you guys had a good time !

  2. Entertainer September 14, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    Kudos to non-creepy meet-ups!

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