New Lappytop and New Happenings.

20 Oct

I think getting my laptop stolen in front of my face last month was somehow a good thing. Once that went down, weirdly a lot of cool stuff has happened. I mean at first I was all like…..


…..despair. Why me? Why MY laptop? What did I do!? (you know how dramatic I can be)

But now, three weeks, one Groupon and a few gigs later, I’m feeling empowered like so…..


What a transformation! No but seriously, New York and this business are such b*tches. (See, if you put that star there, instead of the original letter it somehow makes it much more appropriate.) But now things are starting to happen and I’m excited. A day after my laptop was stolen I booked two gigs (an online fitness reality show that will shoot in December, and a short film). I also shot a webseries that I get to see premiere tonight (AHHHHH. I get nervous seeing myself on screen, like most people) and I also am apparently a daily host on starting Tuesday! I say apparently because I don’t really believe anything until I’m actually doing it. I think Survivor taught me that. I had been told YES and then NO a few times from CBS, so now I don’t believe I booked anything until I’m on set doing it. I think that is a good approach for life, too. As soon as you start celebrating things too hard, you get the call saying the entire gig/position is canned. So thanks to this little bloggy-blog none of these things may happen after all! 🙂 stay tuned, miss you.


Watch this, it needs more hits :

p.s. I try and I try to figure out technology. Shouldn’t I be able to embed that? Meh. Over it.

PHOTOS by Andrew Kufahl


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