Doing Weird Things for $100 (Please, judge away.)

2 Nov

Alright, this blog is dedicated to my twitter follower Bassel Agha. Bassel is from Boston, according to his twitter profile, and that’s all I know. Bassel is the kind of guy who knows what he wants. What does Bassel want? Bassel want blog. He tweeted me today saying that he noticed I haven’t blogged in a while and likes my writing. So here’s to you, Bassel! (And you guys say I don’t give the people what they want—jeesh.)

So, here’s a blog about how I made $100 in ten minutes today!

This is an odd week. First of all, Sandy has been devastating to many New Yorkers– a lot of people still don’t have power, half the MTA is down, and Starbucks throughout the city are full of people waiting in line to charge their phones. I have been very fortunate. Besides being completely bloated from sitting on a couch and eating endless amounts of cookie dough since Sunday, I am doing fine. Astoria wasn’t hit too bad and my thoughts and prayers go out to the New Yorkers trying to recover from this devastating hurricane.


Good ole Craig.

I have not been working, however. My new job at UGO did not exist this week due to no power and trains being down and thus, the website launch has been postponed. So I applied for some random jobs on our friend, the Craigslist. Last night I got a call from someone I couldn’t understand asking to either A) come in for a job that paid $100 B) audition for a job that paid $100 or C) none of the above. I couldn’t understand the dude because his English wasn’t great and his phone was super quiet. Yes, these are the kinds of things your mom warns you about, but I’m pretty good at finding the legit C-list ads, sober or not. Plus I haven’t worked all week and I’m ready for an adventure or opportunity to make some cash. #WHYNOTYOLO

And it turns out to be…..

So I showed up at the address and it turns out it is a job (yay!) and all I have to do is read off of a sheet of paper pretending to be an HR manager at a South Korean company that recruits Korean interns. Basically, it was pretty weird. Not weird as in sketchy-is-this-somehow-porn-weird but weird as in they didn’t even have me memorize the script. I was looking down at it, as it was taped right below the camera. I’m sure it looked terrible. Two takes and less than twelve minutes later I’m walking out the door a hundred dollars richer.

Is there even a point to this blog?

Not really. But Bassel wanted blog and it really was a weird thing I did today. Read off of a piece of paper and make some money? Don’t mind if I do.  

Anyway, hopefully I go back to work next week. But until then, I’m going to go out and spend this hundo on GIRLS NIGHT! Yes, I am going to remind myself that I do have girl friends in this city and pretend, for at least a night, that I have a stellar social life. What are YOU doing this weekend?!

P.S. I did not participate in Halloween this year 😦 But here is me in a unicorn hat: 






5 Responses to “Doing Weird Things for $100 (Please, judge away.)”

  1. gordonholmes November 2, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    I’m liking this post for the hat, not because you’re answering creepy job postings.

  2. Pouty Face November 2, 2012 at 9:28 pm #

    Why so pouty face? :-<

  3. brook November 3, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

    You look really cute in that hat.

  4. michael bay (@michael_bay_too) May 8, 2013 at 12:23 pm #

    More weird random blogs like this please! Always having a point is overrated, this was perfect

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