7 Dec

What’s up guys?! If you’ve been following my updates this past week, you may have seen my posts about the new online show I’m hosting, Fit or Flop.

What is this Fit or Flop, you say? It’s a quest for the next best fitness star. It’s a search for the next Jillian Michaels, the next Tony Horton, or the next creator of something unique like Crossfit, Zumba, or some of the other fitness trends we see nowadays. And there is a $150,000 grand prize package for the winner. Yes! And there are judges! Yes! It’s almost like a cross between American Idol and uhhhhh…..(insert other reality shows that have three judges). It’s not just who comes in with the best abs (although that doesn’t hurt), but rather contestants are judged on a number of criteria including star power, concept, marketability, and other things that the judges know more about than I do.

We held two long audition days at the Apogee Media studios; the first was invite only and the second was an open call. Needless to say, they were long, fun and interesting days! I thought there was a great panel of judges this season. Celebrity trainer Brett Hoebel, Fitness editor Jenna Autuori and marketing queen Allison Ceraso brought their own perspectives and backgrounds to decide who would make it through as “fits.”




Aren’t they cute? With personalities too, heyo! We had a blast.

I don’t want to spoil the show, but there were definitely some cool people that came through. Here’s the Super Hero work out guys, who had us all in stiches:


I was also a huge fan of Jason Wimberly of WIMBERLEAN. Jenna and I were crushing as you can see:


He’s got some awesome abs. I saw them. I might have felt them. Be jealous.

There were so many incredible and inspiring people that came in! We got to meet the Brooklyn Badasses, the adorable Jen Borman of the Rock Hard Girls Club, Hit Richards of CALISTHENICS, William Lockley of FOCUS, and tons more. Did I just do shout outs to my recent twitter followers right there? Probably. (See, it DOES pay to suck up.) But that’s besides the point. Even the people that were flopped were pretty awesome. What’s cool about this show is that a flop definitely does NOT mean you are a bad trainer. Not at all. It’s more about finding the next fitness trend/concept. Just watch the show and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Everyone that came through got tremendous feedback.

When can you watch it? Soon! There will be a promo aired in mid-January and then weekly episodes. Just go to or tune in to my facebook fan page/twitter at that time. I’m sure I’ll be pimping it out and being obnoxious per usual.

Still confused what Fit or Flop is? Check out season one or check out this blog by the lovely Allison Ceraso:

And of course, after the second long day of filming, what did we do? We did a work out with Brett. Yeah, we’re nuts. What time is it? IT’S BOOTY TIME!


Now, go work out! Actually don’t. It’s a Friday night.


Dre Dre


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