Recapping last week on PEOPLE NOW

12 Oct

Hola! So for those of you who follow me on social media, you probably saw my posts all last week about People Now. It was a fun week! I’ll know in a few weeks if I landed the job permanently, but for now, here’s a recap of my favorite clips all in one place:

People Now let’s me host Survivor: Times Square! (Note– none of this was planned out, we legit went to Times Square thinking we would just ask people some Survivor questions, and play a few “challenges” but it turned into a mini Survivor.) My clothes still smell like sardines… Survivor: Times Square


I also got to show off my rap skills in an Empire superfan panel rap battle! Ta’Rhonda Jones (who plays Porsha on Empire) was the judge: Rap Battle


I also got to interview my girl Meg Maley on the show! Not often do you get to interview a real life friend! Here I surprised her with a skype visit from James… TEAM JEG! Meg Maley on People Now

meg people

P.s. Here is Friday’s full episode- Friday, Oct 9th

I’ll obviously let you know if I’m brought on full time, but for now I’m headed to Colorado to go mountain biking and then Idaho for flyfishing!  It’s for the upcoming webseries called For What You Do! As always you can find me @andreaboehlke everywhere on social media, and my snapchat is auntiedredre. Thank you everyone who tuned in this week! XOXO

Ice T

ICE T in da house!

Okay that’s all, xoxoxo Andrea


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